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Affinity Earrings in Malachite

$79.00 $113.00
BB195e Affinity and Piper CZ Framed Classic Square Unique Stud Earrings by Marcia Moran in Dark Forest Green Malachite with 18k Gold Brazilian Los Angeles Jewelry Semiprecious Gemstone

Get your hands on this Marcia Moran favorite in a one of a kind stone. Make one of the cornerstone pieces of the Marcia Moran collection the cornerstone of your jewelry collection with the Affinity and Piper stud earrings. Subtle enough to accent a basic sheath or quirky vintage tee and elegant enough to offset your favorite statement jewelry for a night on the town, the only incentive to take these beauties off is to switch them out for one of the multitude of stones they come in! Measures 0.5" square and plated in 18k gold. Please note this is a Vault Sale Stone Variant and Final Sale.

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